Rebreather diving on Bonaire

rudi with Drager FGT mccr kiss style

A divers dream becomes true!

Diving with a Rebreather you will enjoy a unique diving event!
Noiseless like a fish under fish, you experience the underwater world from it's most beautiful side.
Scarcely any sound disturbs you during watching shy marine life.

with us you can get guided rebreather dives on scr and mccr kiss style

The advantages of rebreather diving:

  • Bubblefree and noiseless diving in a fascinating underwater world
  • Longer dive times
  • reduced cool out, your breathing gas has blood heat
  • reduced dry run, your breathing gas is moistly

With us you can get:

  • Trial diving with Dräger FGT5400 (SCR)
  • Trial diving with DBA6000 mCCR kiss style (CCR)
  • Rebreather instruction and certification
  • DIRrebreather Philosophie und Logistik
  • Guided dives with Dräger systems (SCR and mCCR)
  • "Ladies version" rebreather configuration with ultra light carbon tanks
  • Mixed gas for SCR rebreather
  • Oxygen and diluent gas air or trimix for CCR rebreather
  • Testdives with Shearwater Predator divecomputer
  • Dive Sorb and Sofnolime
  • Tank rental
  • rental of Tec gear like HALCYON backplates and wings
  • rental of V4Tec Adapter

Rebreather diving on Bonaire only with Ocean Adventures NV, the authorized DRÄGER-Rebreather dive center.

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Download Intro mCCR Kiss    
Download FGT5400 and DBA6000    

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