DRÄGER rebreather for Technical Diving


DRÄGER FGT5400 basic unit
SCR rebreather with ultralight 4 Liter cfk mix gas tank with stainless steel layer and bailout tank


DBA 6000 classic
mCCR Kiss style rebreather with V4Tec backplate, Halcyon wing, 2 Liter O2 and 2 Liter diluent steel tanks, 3 sensor house and Shearwater Predator


DBA 6000 Ladies version
mCCR Kiss style rebreather with ultralight 2 Liter cfk tanks with stainless steel layer, 3 Sensor house and Shearwater Predator


CCR O2 rebreather 1,5 Liter O2 stainless steel tank

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  • Prices on request, depending on configuration possibilities
  • Sale only to certified persons or in combination with a certification course

Part list for Dolphin / FGT

cfk cylinderLUXFER CFK cylinder 2 L O2 compatibel
LUXFER carbon composite tanks with aluminium liner
2 L CFK tank oxygen compatibel, ultra light. Perfect, for using on rebreathers. CFK 2 Liter 300 bar working pressure, valve DIN or G3/4 - 1,5 kg -lenght 386 mm without valve, diameter 101 mm - tank thread M18x1,5 , o-Ring sealed, TUV /DOT 15 years,
  • US $ 559.00

draeger divesorb pro for rebratherDräger Divesorb Pro      EUR 57.- per 4,5 Liter Canister


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