Other cool rebreather parts for Technical Diving

LUXFER carbon composite tanks with aluminium liner
2 L CFK tank oxygen compatibel, ultra light. Perfect, for using on rebreathers. CFK 2 Liter 300 bar working pressure, valve DIN or G3/4 - 1,5 kg -lenght 386 mm without valve, diameter 101 mm - tank thread M18x1,5 , o-Ring sealed, TUV /DOT 15 years,

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If you are looking for bigger tank's, i.e. SCR diving or stages - just ask!

OC-DSV Open Circuit Dive Surface Valve
New Issue of the Bailout Valve is available now for Dräger, Inspiration, Vision, Megalodon, Ouroboros and others.
  • Apeks second Stage Regulator ATX 50
  • Easy shut down of the valve
  • Negativtest capable
  • New features will also be available for the previous Models.
Please ask delivery time!

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CCR 35 Halcyon wing for DBA6000 CCR
New dimension of wing for the DBA6000 mCCR rebreather fits on all Dräger and most of all other CCRs.
design features are:
  • 35 pounds (16 kg) of carefully tailored buoyancy provide the right amount of lift in exactly the right places.
  • Standard 12-inch, on-center grommet holes provide easy attachment to V4Tec adapters and most other CCRs.
  • Limits lift behind divers head; lift near inverted valves supports horizontal trim and divers balance.
  • Offset inflator elbow supports easy access to the rebreather while keeping the inflator clear of the breathing loop
  • Slotted wing allows supply hoses to route through the wing, keeping hoses streamlined and close to the body.
  • OPV is positioned to limit interference with open-circuit bailout bottles and to support easy venting.
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Cooper hoses
Original Cooper rebreather hoses HC215 24-20 - the best and most professional hoses on the market for Dräger, Inspiration, Vision, Megalodon, Ouroboros and others!

price US $ 199.00 per pice    
CMF Valve ( kiss valve )
CMF valve one LP hoses, one inflator hose, standard Swagelok ball valve, SS Adapters,

price US $ 789.00    
For FGT5400 / DBA6000 Backplate
From our experience a standard backplate will not propper fit on a FGT5400 or DBA6000. Our backplates are especially designed for rebreather use FGT5400 or DBA6000. The backplate comes with a complete harness DIR style.

price US $ 345.00    
For FGT5400 / DBA6000 Backplate
Side mounted stainless steel tankholder in combination with backplate adapter and backplate.

price US $ 199.00    
For FGT5400 / DBA6000 Backplate
Stainless steel backplate adapter for use FGT / DBA Backlpate with standard wings. No drilling of extra wholes necessary.

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Pohl Force H3 Alpha One
Here we offer a real tidbit from the German knife manufacture Dietmar Pohl Force, the Pohl One H3 alpha One.
The H3 is completely detachable. Belong to the delivery a safekeeping pocket and a detailed description in German and in English.
The Spear Point blade, with serrations is made for many years proved 440 C steel. The handle are made of fiberglass-reinforced Zytel are provided with a coarse relief structure.
With tip up, tip down clip. Although primarily develops for tactical application, the alpha One is without restriction to use also for the outdoor and extreme sport-application.
- Blade length: 4,450 inch ( approx 11.3 cm )
- Length,closed: 5,790 inch ( approx 14.7 cm )
- Total length: 10,240 inch ( approx 26.0 cm )
- Weight: 20 g
- Steel: AISI 440C
The serial number is always different.
This Pohl One H3 alpha One is checked personally by Dietmar Pohl and comes incl. Certification and original signature of Dietmar Pohl.
For lovers & collectors an absolute must!

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