Dive at the wildside (eastcoast) of Bonaire

turtle wild side bonaire nurseshark wild side bonaire lionfish at wild side bonaire

Discover the "wild side", of the island with waves and current, sometimes with reduced visibility but with an impressive marine life. Large groups of Tarpoons, large Grouper, eagle rays, schoolmaster, schools of grey snapper, big turtles and much more.

The fish pass by like clouds in the sky and hover in the current. Crossing sea grass fields you come to the outside reef where you will find coral formation housing lobster, green moray eel or stingray. Different soft and stony corals give fantastic impressions of this unique diving spot.

Sometimes it is not possible to dive this spots, but if you have the chance, it is always a highlight.

With over 20 years of experience in diving the wild side of Bonaire, we know most of the Bonaire secret dive spots.


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